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Musical Muse Monday (Post)



Say Yes

 (Song: Rude by Magic!)

This was it. I had to do something drastic and yet, I was scared to death. Sarah and I had dated for a few months and her father was the president of the bank I worked at, the man giving me the death stare every time Sarah and I were in the same vicinity.

There was no more playing around with the idea of making the relationship work. I needed out. The nagging and jealousy and oh hell, her laugh. It sounded like a gang of hyenas had taken up residence in her throat and I swear this chick had an Adam’s apple.

Time to get drastic. I asked her to marry me…

I knew her father would deny me without blinking an eye. He was a rude, uppity type of guy, traditional and all, but a complete jerk. No way he’d let me have his little girl for the rest of my life. She needed to be there when he denied me so I could have my out – forever.

I pressed my slacks, singing the latest song on the radio by Magic! as laughter bubbled up at the thought of my devious plan. In a few hours I’d be a free man again and the nightmare I’d stumbled into would be out of my life and hating her father for our destruction, not me.

I glanced in the mirror, straightening my tie and licking my teeth before walking confidently toward my beat-up old Honda. I needed to play this up pretty good, seem desperate and needy to Sarah’s pops. He needed to see me as a guy that couldn’t support his little girl, but looked at her and really him as a meal ticket of sorts.

“Brilliant,” I muttered as I slid into my driver seat and cranked up the radio, the window down and my hair a mess. All part of the devious plan.

I let the tires screech in front of his large white house, the parents of my pseudo beloved looking up from a small bench they inhabited. I moved out of the car, stifling a smile and walked with confidence toward them, Sarah’s mom waving kindly and slipping into the house. It wasn’t a few moments later that I stood before her dad, Sarah standing in the doorway behind him.

“Jimmy? What do you need, son?” He asked, the sound of his voice more pleasant than usual.

I cleared my throat and slipped my hands in my pockets. “I know you’re an old-fashion kind-of guy, so I wanted to do this the right way.” I paused only to wink at Sarah.

“Go on.” His shoulders stiffened and he grimaced as he looked back at his only child.

“Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes, cause I need to know.” I paused, a smile rushing to my face at the denial coming my way.

He looked me over and took another quick glance toward Sarah. The look that came over his face was one of surprise, confusion and contemplation.

I felt my face flush with heat. Was he considering saying yes? No way… I started to talk as a smile touched his lips and he nodded. “Absolutely.”

I stood there as Sarah ran out and wrapped her arms around me, my heart beating so hard it hurt. Her father laughed softly, the knowing look as to what I’d done for him finding resonance within me. He was trapped until that moment and now… I’d given him an out.

He turned and walked toward the house, a song on his tongue, “I’m gonna marry her anyway. Marry that girl, no matter whatcha say…. Why you gotta be so rude?”

** Picture from http://www.louisepatrick.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/funny-groom-funny-hd-wallpaper-1920×1080-4967.jpg

Musical Muse Monday (Song Info)

Good Morning!

Oh how I love this song and honestly there is nothing better than trying to push yourself as a writer to write a narrative from the opposite sex’s point of view. That being said, our song selection for today’s Musical Muse Monday is Rude by Magic!

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