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Random Scene Writing: Fantasy Piece with a Buddy

The endless recreation of life had become a means of ebb and flow for those involved, their ways becoming less than synchronized, the methods sloppy, lazy, dilapidated. In their error, a few began to slip through the strands of time with echoes of a life lived, memories staining the newness of their existence. She’d become so very good at leaving clues in each existence, means to find her way back to him and he would always be there – waiting. It was an atrocity against the staunchest of rules, a break in the system that could cause the devolution of their way of life and yet for the treasure she held deep in her bosom, nothing was too much.

“You do know that he’s looking for the book…” his voice was soft and entirely too close to her as she looked out from the heaven’s, the earth’s majesty but a blur of sky, sea and land. At any moment she could focus and find what she was looking for, who she was seeking, but his presence caused her to feel tense and uncomfortable.

“That is because he does not understand that she will come back to him again. He believes her dead for good this time.” Iana turned and moved around him, his figure towering above her own.

“And tell me what you intend to do about it, Iana.” He reached out and his shadow like fingers raced through her long silver hair, her black eyes staring straight ahead as she moved toward a large glass containment cell in the middle of the room.

She spoke not, but reached out and pressed her palm to the cold icy surface, a beautiful woman inside. She was petite and blonde with shapely arms and legs extended in the air as her body rested in the frozen water of Kamerin. The expression on the young woman’s face was serene, as if life were peaceful and she was resting in its embrace, undetailed by the angst of the human world. And in truth, she was. Though if the beautiful creature understood the occurrences that landed her here, what the future held and even more so, what it didn’t, the serenity would melt and all manner of horrid emotion would paint her scape.

“I’ve already done it. Don’t badger me with questions that hold obvious answers, Seriel. He will not find the book and he will not find her again. I’ve learned my lesson and I’ve paid my penitence for the sins of the past. I want to be done with this and if it means locking him into one of these prisons that I may gaze upon them both and finally procure rest – so be it.” She walked from the room, her strength gone, her heart numb as it had been for so many years.

The sound of her master snickering only fueled her willingness to do anything to bring an end to the cycle. Her body slowly began to melt, like water droplets racing down her beautiful face, faster and faster, heavier and heavier they pulled at her until her appearance was that of the young girls, an exact replica gazing back at her in the looking glass. She wanted to smile wickedly at her own ability, but she had nothing left emotionally to give to this woman – to this man – to the ruination of her life and subsequently, her world.

Locke would recognize her as he always had, but this time, the cycle would be broken.

She had no choice but to play the role given her and bring him into the depth of the darkness in search of the Book of Esaph She would offer him a deal and have him believe that his dead beloved, risen yet again, was going to assist him in finding it, but in the end, finality would have its way with them both. She touched her chest and felt a slight tremor in her soul. The beautiful heart-shaped necklace that he’d given her on the last day they’d held each other in each life was the only token she kept of memories best left dead.