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Getting in the mood…

Well, that has a few connotations, doesn’t it? I’m getting in the mood to write!!

Sometimes it takes a bit of inner pressure to sit down and commit yourself to write 85,000 words over a two week period, but much like all things that take consorted effort, a new book brings crazy amounts of joy and a huge sense of accomplishment once done.

So what’s on my plate the next two weeks in terms of my writing?

1. Decent, Soul Keeper III. The final book in my debut trilogy will be my main focus. I’m going to sit down and bang it out over the next few weeks. It’s been moved to a late February 2015 release namely because I’m working with my book manager at BookTrope to figure out timing now that the trilogy has been picked up by them. I’m super stoked at where this book will take us and the adventures we’ll get to go on together with Sam, NickĀ & Marcus.

2. I’m wrapping up round 1 of edits tonight on Howl at the Moon, my first Middle Grade novel in my Liarus Detective Series. The first one was SUCH a blast to write that I have another scheduled to come out later this year called “Good to the Last Drop.”

3. Working on edits (on chp 6 of 32) for a series I’m writing under Kate Thomas (my New Adult/Romance) penname. It’s co-authored with a good friend of mine, so we’re working back and forth on edits and hope to get it to my editor for a real review later this month. It will be a trilogy with a fun college setting. Deep rich characters are quickly emerging.

4. Lastly, I’ll be going through my first edit on “The Core: Equilibrium I,” a series about Ellie and her adventures in better understanding the supernatural world she’s being dragged into. It started as a romance and then moved into a supernatural series quickly as I wrote her story.

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Hope your new years has started off wonderfully! Mine’s going to be crazy and yet fantastical!