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Big News: Soul Keeper Series has a Publisher

Morning everybody!!

Hope you day is going smashingly well. I got eleven, (yes count them) eleven hours of sleep last night. I’m wide awake and rejoining the land of the living after five weeks of the flu. Who knew there were two billion different strands and that I would be the only human alive to sample each of them effectively – I know… impressive.

I’m super stoked to share some news related to my Soul Keeper Series. Last week Seattle-based publisher, Booktrope picked the series up and will be reprinting the titles under their publication starting in January. As you guys know, Deceived released on Aug 28th this year, Destroyed on Nov 15th this year and Descent is scheduled for Jan 2015.

Booktrope is honestly a new style of publishing from anything I’ve seen and to be completely honest, I start researching them a month before I released Soul Keeper independently. I wanted to find a publisher that would help me with the areas I didn’t understand in this industry, meet me at the table with my ideas and theirs alike and give me a wide reach because of their reputation while I’m working so hard to build mine. Enter Booktrope.

Check them out when you get a chance – http://booktrope.com/

Their model is all around working together as a team. So as an author, I’m given a Book Manager, an Editor, a Proofreader (obviously I need this one bad. Is proofreader one or two words?), and a cover designer. There is no up front fees paid to anyone like I do now in self publishing, but everyone shares in the royalty of the book sales. So the incentive is that everyone on a team will work hard together to create something incredible and then promote it in the right venues, aligning the message to the appropriate target market and such.

I have to give thanks out to my friends, Della Connor, who I met at the Texas Teen Book Festival in Austin. The only way to submit to Booktrope is through a recommendation by a current author of theirs and Della was kind enough to submit for me. 🙂

So what does all of this mean? UM… I don’t know, but I’m super stoked to already feel like part of a family.

Look for more announcements to come as I have a lot to share over the next few days. I’ve been BUSY in my flu season.

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