Musical Muse Monday

Musical Muse Mondays


Music is one of my most treasured muses, as I’m sure it is to most of you to. So, in honor of needing a break, and for my love of music, I’m going to start posting a Musical Muse Monday post on this blog.

Each Monday morning I’ll pick a song and drop the YouTube link on here. If you want to join me, just listen to the song and write something in retrospect of the words or the musical movement – whatever you like. (Poem, Scene, Short-story?)

To make it more interesting, please feel free to e-mail me a song that you’d like to see on the Musical Muse Monday’s post and we’ll use the song you pick instead with all of us that want to participate going to listen to your song.

Note to my non-writer friend – join us anyway. Everyone has creative bones in their body, come let yours fly high and you might just be surprised at what shows up, says the CPA YA Author. 🙂

Share this with anyone else you think my be interested and where my scene will be a post with the song topic at top, feel free to use the comment box for yours, or post yours on your own page and just link me to it in your comment and I’ll reblog it for us.


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