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WIP: My next story – Vamps and Wolfs


September 5, 1830
Greenwich, England
Council of Shadows

The sun had started to set behind the edge of the earth, the cool breeze of autumn throwing dandelion’s into the air as if decorating the moment perfectly for them. England had yet to see the true effects of winter, summer hanging on with consorted effort and pressing with sustained might to keep the air temperature most pleasant. That evening would began a three night council meeting where the shadow walkers would join together to discern issues common to them and try to work through various agreements and concordances with one another. It was assured to be filled with tension and bickering, but Seraphine had been in the center of the circle for a very long stay and cared not what was presented or in what manner, only that it was discussed and a decision was made.

Her mind was far from the cold circular room that the meeting would be in as everything was set perfectly and ready for nightfall to arrive. She stood in the shadows of a watch tower with the sun hidden behind her and the man she loved in her arms. It was forbidden and though she wished that she could find the strength to let him go, she could not and would rather give up her position and title than allow the council to step between the two of them. He smiled at her, the warmth of his welcome, the strength in his embrace could not leave her without returning the gesture. So many years she’d lived for vengeance and retribution and found love a weakness to exploit in others, but to never take it into her own bosom.

Things drastically changed more than a century ago when she was assigned to work along side the next Alpha male from the council to discern the propagation of the church and the success they’d held thus far in expansion. The task was most challenging and the two had to work closely together, their relationship at first quite hostile and unyielding. It wasn’t until she was in grave danger one night, surrounded by a large group of hunters that he risked himself to save her and through his bravery they both escaped. The resounding effects of his willingness to sacrifice himself took them to a place she never imagined and one that would have them tried my the council and killed. She looked into the warm chocolate colored gaze that continued to focus on nothing but her as her fingers ran along the soft skin on his shoulder, the muscles so beautiful and on display for her pleasure.

“What is it that takes you from me, Sera? You are not in this moment from me, my love.” He pulled her tighter, the nakedness of their bodies tugging at a hunger that lay in the core of her being. She let her eyes drift along his strong features, memorizing each one as if she could feel the plague of loss hanging tightly overhead.

“I am just concerned that we will not be able to keep confidences. Tonight the council will meet and after your coronation to Alpha you will hold the chair for your pack. To have us both holding a chair almost gives us a majority run of the group and I’d not want anyone to ever think that we worked together to gain some nefarious advantage. I live for my people and I die for them as well.” She bit at her lip, long chestnut hair danced around them as the wind chilled his skin and left her wanting to comfort him. Their afternoon of love making was never enough for her and she waited for these meetings to see him again. To meet up outside of England was too dangerous and so they lived lives that were split in two, both of them almost sick with not having the other by their side.

“No one will ever know, Sera. It is our secret to take to the grave. Come now… let us not waste our time worrying. Hush and let me enjoy you.” He smiled and she couldn’t help but smirk at him. His arms tightened and pulled her into a compressed embrace, a large hand sliding into her hair and beckoning her rest her had against his shoulder as he caressed her. She let all thought dissipate and closed her eyes, the smell of his skin divine and earthy, the strength of his body perfect and comforting. Her soft crimson lips brushed along his shoulder as he made a small sound of appreciation and the rest of the afternoon was lost to the desires one the other.

It wasn’t until later than evening that Seraphine discovered the small golden locket in the pocket of her black slacks, her fingers twirling around the cold metal for a moment before realizing that something was out of place. She pulled it up as she headed toward the council room, each species given a separate waiting room where they could meet and discuss their agenda items and strategize or vote for a common cause. She’d invited Walter, Petra and Lucius to join her. Petra would sit on the Winter Council as her second in command and after that each of them would take a turn. She wanted to see them in action before making a decision of that brevity because when she was done, they would take her place as head of the Vampiric Coven.

The light caught the locket as she moved, her long dark hair swaying behind her and no color to be found on her outside of her crimson lips and matching heels. Her silky black top wrapped tightly around her and she knew it was a bold move, but to tease her secret lover with her beauty would make the night go by so much faster. The small golden teardrop hung from a sort chain and inscribed on the back was “forever yours.” She slipped it on before moving into the cold confines of the Vampire Waiting Room, her eyes on the blood wine already prepared and her mind of a handsome wolf that had given her a reason to truly live again.

“Yes baby.. you are,” she whispered and growled softly.

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WIP: Shallow Water

The title of the novel is Shallow Water:

Rachel Hampshire has always been on the outside looking it, never belonging in a way that gave her center stage, but all that changes when Zek comes to town. He’s everything that she has always wanted to be and for once in her life fate seems to be taking notice of her existence.

 Everyone’s focused on Zek, and yet he only remains enamored with Rachel. Against the advice of her friends and family she moves with the nudges and suggestions of her new beau, becoming someone that has everything and ignoring the mounting costs associated with such success.

Perhaps Zek is not who he appears to be and just maybe fate had nothing to do with the new life given this lucky girl. Forces greater than she can image are at play just beyond what her eye can see… the question is – will she survive her rise to the top?


Shallow Water