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Review: The Summer Solstice: Enchanted

I just finished reading a fantastic supernatural YA book, The Summer Solstice: Enchanted by K.K. Allen. Please enjoy my review and some information on where you can pick up a copy below!!

KK Allen

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Laurie’s Review:

What a fantastic story!

Kat’s tragedy in the beginning of the novel brings you to a place of wanting to see the best happen for her, routing for her and quickly finding yourself connecting to and caring for her. She is a well-rounded teenage girl who struggles with many of the same things we do or did – young love, not fitting in, tragedy.

The love story is so crazy sweet and incredibly well-spun. I want an Alec! Wait.. I have one. K.K. does a fantastic job on unfolding the story in a way that leaves you in Kat’s shoes, not knowing anything before she does and having to experience it first hand as if you were Kat.

I seriously cannot wait for the next book to come out and fell in love with the characters, the plot and the pacing.

GREAT, GREAT job K.K. Loved it.

Must Read! A new spin on an old favorite!

Helen's Book

Review: Relative Strangers (Five Stars)

All Sophie wanted was an entertaining vacation to recover from work and a recent heartbreak and yet she got so much more than she bargained for. Treharne writing creates a solid protagonist that makes you want to befriend her for her humor, her bravery, and her willingness to fight.

The plot is simple and yet contains an added level of complexity in the subplot, causing me to wonder what’s coming next. I very much enjoyed simplistic style in which the story was written, my heart connecting quickly to Sophie’s in her struggle to form some sense of normalcy after tragedy.

Sophie and Mickey – just a fantastic friendship that started from a night at the bar, a shared tragedy and grew into a longing for more. Through the course of the book I found myself huffing at the distance between the two budding lovers, wanting for Sophie what we all want for ourselves – companionship.

I LOVE the additional story lines that run throughout the narrative, giving you a momentary break from the main characters and letting you ponder as to how this new introduction of cast members plays into the story as a whole.

I must say that this was nothing like I expected it to be. I’m quite the vampire junky and to pick up a vampire book is something I’m willing to do any day of the week. The twist is in the way Treharne portrays the creatures, truly giving them the ominous, vicious structure that Bram created in the original Dracula. No shiny creatures here with thoughts of love and happiness.

This is a great book for anyone wanting a solid story and fantastic plausible characterization. I loved it and will be reading it again soon!


Relative Strangers by Helen Treharne is available at Amazon:  , iBooks and all major online retailers.

To find out more about the author, visit her at or hook up on  Twitter @Tea_Talks