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Musical Muse Monday (Post)


The Day After Tomorrow…

 (Song: Imagine Dragons Radioactive)

The year is 4012 and the world is coated in a radioactive film, those that have survived are able to do more, be more, reach more. More than half of the human’s that existed on planet earth have died due to the aftermath, but the world is a new place and rarely do people venture outside the confined walls and tunnels of the city. But the resounding energy resource is depleting faster than any of them imagined. The counsel has called in the best, the brightest, the strongest and will put them to the challenge to see who can survive and claim victory. Each male and female will pair up based off of qualifications noted by the counsel of elders. The winners will leave the planet in search of another resource.


No one cared why… only how. The government had put a call out to the citizens of EarthX that they would be using a lottery method to gather the best and brightest individuals for games of the mind and body and the winners would be invited to the steel city, the only remaining place on planet earth that was above ground and had clean air. It was a place that most would sell their souls to just see much less live there. The rest of the details were clouded in mystery, but they needed not include those to spark interest. The mention of a different life – a better existence – was more than enough for them all. Even the wealthy lived far below the earth’s surface, the tunnels filthy and so very hot being so close to the core of the earth. Radioactive material swam just above the tunnels and filled the surface of was once blues and greens with grey and black.

Rebecca turned her head as the announcement from the radio filled the airwaves, a smile on her full pink lips. Her father would never approve, but she cared not. Rebellion was her only past time and her daddy was more than aware. She slipped from the comfort of the small leather chair that she reclined upon, her grandfather the creator of the housing structure they all lived in. Because of her mother, they’d been moved from Steel City back to the best parts of the tunnels one could afford. Her father was the lead scientist for biological studies. She found her interest very much in the same place as him though she focused more on chemical and electrical channels, wanting to bring society back in the days of technology.

People suffered massively because of a lack of clean oxygen, electricity and basic comforts that were once afforded their families. Rebecca wanted to make a difference for those that couldn’t do so themselves and yet her father cared not for the masses. They lived in an ivory tower at the edge of the tunnels, various groups of guards positioned around their homes because of the threat. She remained inside and had rarely been seen amongst the people. To fit in meant to roll in the dirt and mess up her hair a little before joining the masses. She slipped from the house, sneaking past two of the guards who were considering applying for the games. A quick slide down the large hill they lived atop and she was completely filthy. She reached down and tore her white t-shirt, pulled out a ball cap and covered her silky locks. No one would know.

The city was filled with people moving quickly toward the nearest lottery site, everyone wanting just a moment of peace and willing to give up freedom and their respective lives to touch it once. She shook her head, her elitist attitude bending to the sadness of the very situation that saved their lives and took them all in the same moment. She reached the first lottery site and found all applications gone, disappointment setting in. She could pull a few strings to become a candidate, but she wanted so badly to just be a member of the general population. She picked up her walk to a run, racing toward the edge of the city, her body twisting and turning to move past the people that walked quickly in the same direction. Her long hair flew behind her and caused a few glances to move her way, not many people having the gene for hair as brilliantly red as hers. She ignored them and made it to the center, a large male headed toward the stand at the same time as her.

He extended his arm to grab the last application, his reach longer than hers and she felt panic rising up in her chest. “Hell no…” she growled and jumped, her leg coming out to kick him in the knee as she moved past him. He tumbled and cursed her as she raced toward the application, her fingers finding the paper and tucking it into her backpack before racing toward a huge crowd of people. She tucked her hair under her hat and disappeared into a small pants shop, her head down and heart pounding. That was far too close for comfort.

“Welcome to the new age…”


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Musical Muse Monday (Song Info)

Good Morning!

It’s far too early to be up, but I’m brilliant and showed up for an 8:30 meeting that I thought was going to start at 6:30. While I’m busy trying not to pass out and short-circuit my computer by droolation, I hope you’re still aleep. *Jealous*

Our song selection for today’s Musical Muse Monday is Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

Check out instructions on my Musical Muse Monday page if you need to!!

Drop me a poem, short story, scene, sentence – whatever.


Musical Muse Monday

Musical Muse Mondays


So I was thinking last night about the need I desperately have for a break from my current series. I love to write on these characters, but there are times when you need to separate yourself and just dive into another project altogether.

Because I’ve put myself on a tight deadline for book two in my Soul Keeper Series, I’ve decided to make my breaks “quickies”.

Music is one of my most treasured muses, as I’m sure it is to most of you to. So, in honor of needing a break, and for my love of music, I’m going to start posting a Musical Muse Monday post on this blog. Each Monday morning I’ll pick a song and drop the YouTube link on here. If you want to join me, just listen to the song and write something in retrospect of the words or the musical movement – whatever you like. (Poem, Scene, Short-story?)

I often find myself in the middle of a “scene” when I listen to a song. Anyone can join me if you like and if no one wants to, that’s cool as well. I’m going to write a new scene every Monday for a break as well to remember he more creative parts of why I write at all. Grammar be damned…

To make it more interesting, please feel free to e-mail me a song that you’d like to see on the Musical Muse Monday’s post and we’ll use the song you pick instead with all of us that want to participate going to listen to your song.

Note to my non-writer friend – join us anyway. Everyone has creative bones in their body, come let yours fly high and you might just be surprised at what shows up, says the CPA YA Author. 🙂

Share this with anyone else you think my be interested and where my scene will be a post with the song topic at top, feel free to use the comment box for yours, or post yours on your own page and just link me to it in your comment and I’ll reblog it for us.