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Goodreads Contest – Enter to WIN!

Both Books

I just put together a Goodreads contest! The lucky winner will get a signed copy of Deceived, Soul Keeper I and Destroyed, Soul Keeper II! Follow the link below and put your name in the hat. I’ll be sending the two signed books to one lucky winner just in time for Christmas!



Pre-Sale for Destroyed, SKII

It’s done! The pre-release sale is up and available for Destroyed, Soul Keeper II if you’re interested. I have the links below and am UBER excited about where our characters have taken the story.

Book II is built upon the relationships that I established in book I, but with these fresh new pages the plot moves quickly and captivates your heart and mind as you get swept up in the emotions and drama of all that faces these, dare I say, FOUR teenagers. We’re adding a new girl to the mix to see how she fares and I might say she wins the hearts of a few familiar faces and holds her own. I’m excited to see what you think of her – her beautiful backstory one for Disney to consider picking up in their next tale!

I hope you enjoy the book and know that after a few days off from life in general, I plan to start writing book III next week. I assume it will be the last book in the series, but then again I assumed this whole series would actually just be one book, so who knows what might happen. 🙂

Grab your pre-released copy today and pick up where you left off with my beloved tale when you put book I down, hopefully with a grumble and a bit of good-old-fashioned angst.

Grab your copy today!!



From the second book in the Soul Keeper Series…


Now I lay me down to sleep,

Whom shall I trust my soul to keep?

If I should die before I wake,

I leave to fate my soul to take.


The seal has been broken and the Soul Keeper Prophecy set in motion. Marcus and Nicolas are battling for the heart of one woman, Pandora’s only daughter; however, not everyone is playing by the rules. With interference from both sides of the lines and too many deities with hidden agendas, the trio must take matters into their own hands and look for another ending, one that removes control from fate.

Can they find the missing page from the prophecy that has the ability to change everything?

Will the new stranger they’ve been given as a guide assist or mislead them?

Will Samantha make a decision on who it is that she truly loves, saving one and destroying the other?

What if her choice is no choice at all?



Destroyed, Soul Keeper II Update

Can I honestly say how excited I am about this next book? I’m completely thrilled at where the story went. I have to give props to my editor, Nicole Hewitt. She’s a complete jewel and without her the book wouldn’t be nearly what it was.

If you don’t have an editor, proof reader or beta reader that vets the book with you, questions and challenges you and helps look for POV and Voice inconsistencies, you are missing OUT!

I’m wrapping up my formatting for Destroyed and waiting to hear back from Amazon on the timing of the pre-release, but my part is officially done, so let me share one of my favorite parts with you guys!

Make sure you grabbed Deceived today for FREE on Amazon – last day for the promo!