4 Lovely Things About Me!

Here are 7 Lovely Facts about me:

1) My folks love to tell people that I took dance lessons for 9 years, quitting before the 10th year, which was free if you’d participated for the previous 9 years. I took 9 years of tap, ballet and jazz, giving up only to play in the high school band! I still love to dance every chance I get, but instead of tapping to Fred Astaire or showing the kids the latest moves in the club, I’ve moved to the next phase of life – embarrassing kids with my genius moves. Sprinkler anyone? I don’t know the guy in this demo video below, but I sure wish I did.

2) I have my BA in Accounting, my CPA certification in Texas and my Masters in Theology. I’m a bit of an overachiever and where my mind works very much like a mathematician and type A freakazoid, there is still a lot happening on the artistic side of my skull. I got the BA in accounting because I love math and structure and my first Acct class was a total breeze. I think with accounting you either get it or ya don’t. The MA in Theology was to better support the bible studies I teach at church and work.

3) I play a little on the piano, namely so that I could have music behind my voice when I write songs. Most of them are worship songs, but some aren’t. I have a link below to one of my favorites. Hope you like it. That is me playing my discordant piano and singing the melody and harmony. Fun stuff!

4) I often use this face when I’m face with that odd “ice-breaker” question, “Tell us your name and an interesting fact about you.” This one takes the cake every time and just because I love you guys… I have a youtube video below of the best fact about me. I can vibrate my eyeballs. 🙂 Check it out and don’t mind the goofy laugh. I entertain myself, what can I say? 😛

That’s a little about me.

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