Soul Keeper Box Set – HUGE SALE

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Just wanted to share that my Soul Keeper Trilogy will be on a HUGE sale from October 17 – October 23rd! It’s normally priced at $6.99 for the 3 YA novels together, but I’m running a $0.99 SALE just to get the story in the hands of more readers… like YOU!

Make sure you grab your copy at this 85% Discount and enjoy the ride. Check out the synopsis, covers and teasers below! Hope you love it!

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It’s 2 years since I wrote my trilogy. Time for a book birthday party!




Readers had a hard time putting this series down… you will to. Now you don’t have to wait – the full story is yours for a discounted price.

This boxed set includes all three full-length novels from Starkey’s beloved Soul Keeper Series. That’s over 800 pages of intense twists and emotional turns, heart-breaking romance and soul-shattering deception – all in one series.

“I absolutely loved this series. It’s fast paced with characters that you fall in love with.” ~ Amazon Reader

“The first two books end in major emotionally charged cliffhangers so having the full box set is incredibly convenient.” ~ Amazon Reader


In a battle of wills,
of the gods of old.
For each his revenge,
will he forfeit his soul.

On the chessboard of blood,
will their narrative play.
Aged, innocent lives,
revenge claims her way.

Out of hate will come love,
and love will come hate.
For immortal and man,
have entwined their damned fate.

The battle between the Titans and the gods of old did not end with them. The demand for revenge has dripped down into the next generation.

Twins, Marcus and Nicolas, heirs to the throne of the gods and sons of the last remaining Titan, learn that the purpose of their existence is to fulfill a prophecy born of hate and despair. They must battle for Pandora’s daughter’s heart, a girl lost to the human world and unaware of her hidden heritage. For four hundred years Marcus and Nicolas have only been allowed to touch the edge of their soul mate’s dreams, but the time of the prophecy has come.

For Samantha, life has been nothing more than a series of misfortunes and heartbreaks. For years, she has kept her heart locked away, but change is rolling in like a tidal wave. She is now forced to discern the thin line between love and lie, myth and reality, and it would seem that time is running out …


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