Howl at the Moon on Tour – Middle Grade (3/9 – 3/13)

My middle grade will be on tour next week with Good Tales Book Tours – a new tour company that me and a fellow author opened this week! Love for you to sign up to help host the tour if you’d like.

I had a blast with this book and my 10 year old (boy) has tried to talk me into letting him have a box to sell at school, him keeping the profits of course. HA!


Title: Howl at the Moon
Series: Liarus Detective Novels
Author: L.A. Starkey
Publication Date: February 23rd
Publisher: Patchwork Press

Eighth graders, Ben, Jake and Leah need cash, and mowing lawns in the winter just isn’t cutting it. Their need for cash births the Liarus (Liars R Us) Detective Agency! Their first client is Old Lady Smitz, who is said to have murdered her three sons and husband. She’s missing a family heirloom, but it’s not just any old trinket, it’s the crest of Lykoi. There are only two rules: No girls are allowed and never seal a deal with the witch doctor. Disregarding danger, these three discover that money is usually more trouble than it’s worth!


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