Release Day!! Descent, Soul Keeper III

It’s finally here and it’s almost bittersweet. To be done with a trilogy feels like a great accomplishment and yet there is the same sadness sitting around me that occurs when I’m at the end of READING a book. You get invested in the characters and much like saying goodbye (for a little while) to an old friend, with the drawing of the curtain I say goodbye to Sam, Marcus and Nick.

If you’ve read this series with me I’d love to hear from you – to share the ending experience together. It’s my first work and will always be my favorite simply because of the newness of the experience of sharing my heart with more than just my family and friends. A great journey that has shifted my career path and put a hopeful dream in my heart to do much more in the way of telling stories.

Thanks for traveling with me.


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Descent 3DTitle: Descent, Soul Keeper III
Author: L.A. Starkey
Publisher: Patchwork Press

Favorite Character: Hades

Favorite Line(s): “I need you to release my daughter, Hades.”
“And I need a vacation, a wife who gives a damn and a nap. What is your point, Pandora?”

Favorite Scene: Man I loved the visit to the Oneri – the dream gods. It was a moment of learning, clarity, redemption and just fun story-telling.

Biggest Surprise: The ending to the series. I never expected it to end the way it did. I let my characters usurp all creative license from me when I write and I felt ill as I drew to the end of this one. How do you wrap up a trilogy and close down a love triangle without upsetting half your readers? You let your characters, who have come to perform for you and all who read your words simply perform. And mine did. I’m so pleased with the ending and the small crack in the door they left open for me will be pried open later this year with various spin-offs. No… it’s not a cliff-hanger, but a grand finale that will leave you doing a double-take. It did me.

Next Project on the burner?? I’m working on a prequel for Soul Keeper that will show the
narrative of the original prophecy. It will be free and only available to my friends/family/fans on my mailing list. I’m 1/5 of the way through it and pray this weekend it will be done! Join that list? SIGN ME UP!

On Monday I have on my writing schedule to start working on book two in my Equilibrium Series under Kate Thomas, The Light. After that it will be a standalone YA I’ve been toying with for the  last year – The Door To Nowhere and then my long awaited (and by awaited I mean I’ve been waiting FOREVER to write it) Resounding Series under Kate Thomas. It’s planned to be an eight book series with loads of paranormal drama, power struggles and passionate love stories. I honestly CANNOT wait!


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