Exciting News!! New Promo Co Opening!!

I’m so excited to share a HUGE project that me and a fellow author have been working on, but let me preface it by saying that the reason for creating something new was 1) because I am an author and I feel like the service line could be made more effective and helpful to authors and 2) to help my Indie friends have a comfortable place to come to for various online promotions.

That being said… today we’re announcing the March 1st opening of Good Tales Book Tours, a new full service promotional company with more than just virtual tours to offer. We’ve got tours/blitz/reveals and Net Galley, formatting options, a beta readers mgmt. program and cover designs just to name a few.

logo for booktour-color-cream

I’ll be talking a little bit more about promotional items and discounts for our March clients as we get closer, but today is our social media day to invite bloggers, vloggers, FB promoters, twitter fantastic (totally me here) and authors who love to support other authors on their various sites to come and join up with us!

We’ve created some pretty cool incentives for bloggers, seeing that we wanted to try to find a way to compensate those that put so much effort into it and to say THANK YOU! My partner, Kellie and I went into the creation of the business from a 1) blogger perspective (both of us blogging) and 2) author perspective (both of us partners in a small press).

All that being said… please check out our new site and don’t forget to throw your name in the hat in various areas for our Rafflecopter giveaway – several Amazon gift cards! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂



Good Tales Book Tour Website

 Rafflecopter GIveaway!!


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