E-mail I got on Deceived

I got a great e-mail today from one of my contest winners. Just wanted to share with you guys because this is exactly the reason I do what I do with words… to bring an experience for the reader. 🙂

As for Deceived, I’m loving every passing passage of it. At this point, I don’t what’s going to happen to Samantha. The constant rivalry between Marcus and Nicolas makes me laugh. Since reading this so far, I’m really starting to question Dreams and wondering to myself, “Is it really possible for two people to have the same dream?” I love your writing style, and I love Greek mythology altogether! It was certainly a nice surprise, I would have never suspected this, but you blended it nicely with the story-line. An intense piece of literature, with every chapter, tensions build and so do the relationships. Back to your writing style, with the past books I’ve read, your take on scenes of violence are described in the same manner as author Rick Riordan. Which is perfect, because that means they are that much more realistic! ;D I enjoy coming across different authors spontaneously, because you never know what to expect, and are rewarded with an interesting vast array of plots, various scenes of imagery and a hook that really grabs ya! So far, I can safely say, Deceived should be Received by all readers!

                                    Thank-you once more for sharing your story with me. May you have a wonderful day! ^_^
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