2015 Write. Publish. Repeat. Schedule

once upon a time

These are truly my goals for this year. I’m only working a zillion hours with our new book tour company, public speaking, raising a family and trying to grab some sleep. My life is busy, but when I write I find a quiet place, shut the world out and just get busy – like really busy. It can be done, and honestly, I aim to prove it. Join me in the challenge of producing some great stuff this year?

I almost hesitate to put this out there, namely because I don’t want you guys to think I’m nuts, but since I am… here it is. 🙂

YA under L.A. Starkey
Descent, Soul Keeper III (80K) DONE!
Door to Nowhere (Standalone) (working on Nov 2015)
Shallow Water (Standalone)
Seeker Series, Book 1 (3-5 books)

MG under L.A. Starkey
Howl at the Moon, Liarus Detective Agency Novel I DONE!
Good to the Last Drop, Liarus Detective Agency Novel II
TBD, Liarus Detective Agency Novel III

New Adult under Kate Thomas
The Core, Equilibrium I (55K) DONE!
The Light, Equilibrium II (50K) DONE!
The Future, Equilibrium III (45K) DONE!
The Past, Equilibrium IV (Working on Nov 2015)

Adult under Kate Thomas 
Resounding Truth (25K) DONE!
Ellie, Resounding Desolation I DONE!
TBD, Resounding Series II

Adult under Pen Name
 Contemporary Romance I (60K) DONE!
Contemporary Romance II (75K) 
Contemporary Romance III (60K) – DONE!
Romantic Suspense I (45K) – DONE!
Serial Series (140K) – DONE!

Ghost Writing
Words Completed by 6/30/2015 – 321K (8 books)

Now… one thing I am toying with, or a few things really, are starting a podcast for Indies (focusing on practical matters and encouragement), recording through ACX my own books, and writing at least 1 non-fiction book this year. This is close to 1 million words on paper this year.

I am nuts, but I’m not screwed.


Let’s do this thing… or go down trying.

L <— who has time to write there full name when I have this many books to write? Good grief. 😛

Write. Publish. Repeat. is a great book I read the other day. Pick it up – it will inspire you!

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