Texas Teen Book Festival


Let me first just say, WOW… what a great adventure that was. The people running the festival were so kind and accommodating, the attendees were excited and on fire for reading YA and my BFF was full of jokes and good times.

I had a blast!

We arrived at the festival on Friday (the day before the actual festivities) and put together our table, which was in the exhibition room because I missed being in the author room by a few months. We used a black table cloth, several books, a HUGE bowl of candy, post cards and book marks. We sprinkled some silver confetti stars on the table and propped up a picture of the new book cover in a black frame, and put up a small matted poster of my first book on a large stand beside us. It looked simply, inviting and fantastical!

We wrapped up all of our planning and such and headed out for a girl’s afternoon of shopping and eating – BLISS.

The next morning (Sat) we were onsite by 8 and people we’re showing up by 9, excited and ready to fill their minds with fiction and empty their pockets of hard earned cash! I’m glad I left my wallet at home – I’d have spent ever dime I HAD!

We got the chance to speak to a ton of teenage girls and boys and their moms, teachers, grandmothers and librarians. I met a few new book bloggers, which I was excited to get to know a little better, as well as a few great authors. I made a new friend, D.E.L Connor and had a few good laughs with her and her friends.

We were only allowed to submit 25 books to the bookstore, but I’m happy to say that we sold out of all of them! I signed T-shirts, hands, bookmarks, books – you name it and I signed it… almost. 🙂

I had a blast and met some SUPER cool girls. Can’t wait to go back next year and just so you know, my Amazon sales are up and I’m looking forward to getting the next book moving again. It was just the encouragement that I needed!

Enjoy the pics!

Rach 2 TTBF14Me 2 TTBF14Rach TTBF14

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