Busy, Busy, Busy…

Wow this last week got away from me faster than I care to admit. Between training classes for work and recruiting at Texas Tech and a women’s retreat that lasted four day I’m waking up from a fog and it’s TUESDAY. Craziness…

My editor returned my first book to me last night with ideas and edits that honestly make the book much better than I ever thought having someone else helping me would. It’s a bit pricy to continue to pump money into a product that isn’t exact pulling it’s weight in the way of revenues, but I assume with perseverance and lots of effort – something great will happen!

Book two is done and with my editor, the cover is secure and I’m looking forward to the Texas Teen Book Festival in Austin on October 18th! The other big things going on as it relates to my books is of course the November virtual book tour with Goddess Fish and the January tour with Xpresso. All fun times!

Oh, and check this out! What a cool thing to be featured by a book blogger on her youtube account. AWESOME!!

I’m about 10 min in on the video. 🙂

Hope all is well and you’re not waking up from the fog I’m currently racing away from!



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