Musical Muse Monday (Post)


Discerning the Dark

 (Song: Soundtrack Original to Halloween, the movie)

Fear is what makes us alive. It’s the one emotion that no one admits to desiring and yet when it arrives on your doorstep, its welcomed with a shudder and calloused relief. The belief that we want to live forever is a façade when truly we all yearn to peek into the black abyss of death. The unknown is only a matter of objective theory and when we journey deeper into its twisted path of promise, we feel emotions we’d never felt. Lust, love and sadness are fleeting… but fear, fear has the guarantee of addiction that ensures continuation deep into the darkness of the night.

I once believed that the world was a good place, that things that passed on to the next world didn’t linger, but my eyes were opened and the veil was torn with the death of my father. The icy cold whisper of death swept through my young life and exposed me to a world that threatens to destroy innocence and beckons me to a release of reality. I used to fear death, but now… knowing what I do. I welcome it.

What is your fear? Everyone holds them close to their bosom and some even try to turn and face them, to conquer if you will. But what if you’re afraid of that which is intangible and untouchable? Maybe running from that fear that holds me so tightly is my only choice, for I fear the unknown and it controls me. It reaches into my waking world and redirects my goals, my hopes – my future. It finds delight in slipping into my dreams and choking me, promising release if I will just succumb to its dark caress. I cannot win, though I know the demon I fight.

For today, perhaps I’ll just run and pray that it doesn’t catch up.

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