Finished up, wrapped tightly and DONE!

There is something so right about typing that final word on a book you’ve been working on. You put in the last period and sit back in your chair, your head aching a little and your body worn out and yet… it’s exhilarating. Done!

Isn’t it so funny how quickly you start to edit in your mind, even though you’ve promised yourself that you’ll take a few days off from working on any part of this blasted project and just enjoy life. And yet… the voices start nagging at me to change this and adjust that and oh this must be cleaned up.

HUSH. Just slow your roll and let me enjoy the feeling of accomplishing something pretty awesome. (Yes, I am talking to myself. It’s cleansing for one’s mental health, or so I tell myself.)

I’m done. I’m finished. It’s wrapped up and ready for editing, but the creative process that requires all of my senses to truly hum is complete for this project.

Destroyed, Soul Keeper II is around 90K words and after 16 days, a respiratory infection, trip to Lubbock, 30 cups of cold coffee and 25,000 jumping jacks to wake up – it’s done.

I hope you’re pushing through to finish something on your goals list. We’re growing or dying, right?

Perseverance is my nemesis and yet when I embrace the sheer power of what she offers, there is nothing that I cannot do.

Push, shove, shuffle forward toward your goals today.

Finish it up, wrap it up and then… be DONE, for tomorrow, we start all over again. :–)


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