Cover Reveal Scheduled – Check!

Hi peeps! Hope you’re having a great day.

I just scheduled my cover reveal for Destroyed, book two in my Soul Keeper Series. I ABSOLUTELY love this cover. I loved the first one, but I think I love this next one more. Let me tell you, if you need a design for a book cover, website, t-shirt, bookmarks, post cards, flyers, logos – anything… these people at 99Designs know what they’re doing. My guy over there is Brand Launcher. Tell him I sent you and I promise you’ll not be at ALL disappointed. The talent leaves me speechless.

Back to the cover reveal!

I’m looking forward to having a cover reveal done by Giselle at Xpresso Book Tours, her professionalism and willingness to get back to me uber quickly is quite refreshing.

For any of you who might be willing, the link is listed below to sign up for hosting the cover reveal. Not sure what that entails, but I’d assume its just you being willing to post up the cover on your blog with a few links to my website for the next book, which will be released November 1st!

I’d be grateful if you’re willing and would return the favor fo-sho!

Love, love, love book covers. Anyone who tells you that people don’t judge a book by its cover are lying as they judge. Or maybe it’s just me? 🙂


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