Extreme Impatience


I swear I was picking daisies out in a field the day God was handing out patience because I have none. I hate even trying to spell the word.

So here is the latest issues with my patience. I almost have my cover art for book two in my series done and I LOVE IT. I want to show everyone the new cover and yet I understand the importance of having a cover reveal that is fresh and new to everyone, not a repeat from your peep show last week when you just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to flash everyone with the goods. We’re talking book covers here people, stay on topic.

I get it, but I still struggle with it.

The other thing. I have on all my latest paraphernalia that’s going with me to the Texas Teen Book Festival that my next book, Destroyed, book II in the series is coming out on November 15th. Well, I’m ahead of schedule by about 2 weeks and it’s actually going to come out on the 1st. That’s already my lack of patience showing.

I honestly wants to wrap up the last 5 chapters tonight, edit like a crazy person for two weeks and release it at the beginning of October, but that is just insane. I released the other one August 29th. I’m impatient and I move extremely quick – two horrible character traits to combine.

This second book will be about 90k words, 35 chapters and 450-485 pages. I started it September 1st and I plan on wrapping it up tomorrow. IMPATIENT.

Anyway, hope you guys are having a great night and just know that if someone is honking at you to GO in the morning, it’s me. Naw… you wish tho! 🙂


**Pic from http://www.chahal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/impatience-153602.png


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