Wanna, wanna, wanna write!

(Listening to Happy by Pharrell Williams)

So little time, so many stories. I’m thinking if my ADHD would chill out for a few minutes I might actually be able to get through this trilogy on Greek mythology and soul mates. Where I love it with a passion, I am the kind of person that needs to have my finger in many pies so I can taste something new each and every time the need comes up.

Oh how I want to write a vamp, wolf, hunter story. It plays along my senses and calls me into the deep end of the pool with ideas and scenes and relationship – *bites nails and wiggles in her seat*

And then there is the idea of writing something with angels and demons cause who wouldn’t love to be sucked into a story of what might exist just beyond our ability to see principalities? Uh – sign me up.

Hmmm… how about my middle grade series that is so ridiculously fun to write because I’m still 12 in my head most days? Those cute love stories that remind you of innocence and the plot pulls you in a direction you only WISH you could’ve experienced at that age?

So many ideas and desires and yet time holds me to the same schedule as the rest of you. Things would be easier if I had a billion dollars, a more comfortable chair, a mountain dew I.V and a playlist that never repeated and yet sent me into orbit.

Hope you guys are doing fantastical today. Note to self… no more coffee, mountain dew and cinnamon rolls for breakfast! 😛



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