Message in your writing?

I recently did an author interview and one of the questions was around slipping in a subliminal message into the story. So let me ask you… In your latest story, did you weave in a derivative meaning? Makes me feel like being sneaky like when the movie theater shows you a picture of an ice cold soda and greasy popcorn. Um… yes.

Here’s my response.

Is there a message in your novel that you hope readers will grasp?

My book was written for more of an escape than for a message to be sent. The one message that seems to run through the pages (inadvertently) is that love has its eye on all of us. Whether in a love relationship or friendship or parent/child relationship, love presses against all of us and invites us to try. Sam, my protagonist, is quite tainted toward loves efforts and yet she finds herself wanting so badly to give in. I guess the message I see, and one I hold true in my own life is that it’s better to have loved and lost a million times than to have never loved at all. I’ll be limping to the end of my life with multiple heartbreaks, but before it broke from those people and situations, it was filled with something magical and right – love.

Almost funny how, whether we mean to or not, some part of who we are and what we believe will always slip into anything we create. What’s your response to the question?



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