The Element of Surprise

So my girls new favor song is “All About That Bass,” which I have to admit makes me want to dance like a teenage girl in my car. I refrain, so no worries there, but in looking up the video to listen to this song, I admit – I was surprised.

I didn’t not expect to find a very proper looking white female. I expected to see a very cute Jennifer Hudson-like gal. Ahhhh… the element of surprise. So important in this very mundane existence if we allow it to be.

Don’t you know the Meghan Trainor loves the fact that her latest hit sounds like a fifties version of a little Kym song, upbeat and makes the grown woman want to twerk. The girl has serious vocal skills.

How does this translate into our writing?

The element of surprise is alive and well and should be used in all of its various forms. When writing my first novel I remember having in mind that it would be a love story that focused on the struggle of having two soul mates, but while I opened myself up to writing the story free-form, a few surprises showed up – even for me.

There’s a character in a yellow hoodie that is seemingly the villain, or is he? I wondered the entire time who he was as I wrote, his devious actions showing up here and there, leaving me a little worried as to why he was showing up and how he would ultimately fit into the context of the love story. Needless to say, the element of surprise came through and took my story from a normal love story to a trilogy cliff hanger. (No comments on my multiple personality disorder. We use that to our advantage. 🙂 )

Let us use this powerful tool – the element of surprise – to remind the world that judging a book by its cover might be the norm, but just maybe beneath the lovey-dovey picture on the front is a story that leaves you breathless and guessing. Mine will…

“… All about that bass, ’bout that bass,  no treble…”



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