Deceived, Prophecy Excerpt

Maybe reading the prophecy out loud and a little slower might actually help me decipher its meaning. Samantha exhaled loudly and began.


“In a battle of wills,

 of the gods of old.

For each his revenge,

 will he forfeit his soul.


On the chess board of blood,

 will their narrative play.

aged, innocent lives,

 revenge claims her way.


Out of hate will come love,

 and love will come hate.

For immortal and man,

 have entwined their damned fate.


As the time draws near,

 a soul mate will speak,

And invoke its commencement,

 when strong will fall weak,


And the child in the middle,

 will break the seal

That is held by the fate,

 who’s heart cannot heal.


 With death sets in motion,

 a prophecy of old

Ergo seeker of heart,

 and keeper of soul.


“One heart with two parts,

split between twins,

two bodies that hold,

one despondent young man.


As the battle ensues,

against himself he will stand,

her pendulum swings,

with balance in hand.


For this generation,

will affect us all,

for the same man will rise,

 but he also will fall.”


Sam stopped at the end of the prophecy, the room much cooler.


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