Ten things you might not know… about me

I always find it interesting when people share a few things about themselves that are seemingly private. We all do, right? Why else would magazines and reality shows do so well in the public opinion? Because people want to see authenticity – even if it shocks us.

Anyway… Here are 10 things about me that seemed fun to share.

1. My mother is a preacher and I lead worship at her church.

2. I can vibrate my eyes. Send $5 to charity, show me the receipt and I’ll send you a clip – lies.

3. I’ve known my husband since I was 6. He was 2. I was cool and hawt and he was dorky and young. Not much has changed besides the fact that he’s mine!

4. I’m a songwriter and have put a few clips on YouTube.

5. I passed up a few full-ride scholarships after high school to marry a sailor because he was cute and I was obviously highly intelligent. 😛

6. I am a CPA, or certified public accountant.

7. I’m starting a bookkeeping business this fall with my brother who is a junior in college – his major being accounting.

8. I am working on starting a food truck business next spring, our target market? Drunk people.

9. I would rather read than write, and yet I have too many stories in my skull to sit down for more than a few minutes without twitching.

10. I’m a mermaid. Seriously though… that special on the animal planet over mermaids was creepy. My husband is totally sold that they exist, not that I’m one – not yet at least.

Hope you’re taking advantage of all that life has to offer today.



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