Updated my website via GoDaddy

I seriously keep coming across things on my to-do list that have absolutely nothing to do with writing my next book and everything to do with being a publicist. *friendly growl*

That being said, I just finished up constructing my website, which is hosted by GoDaddy. It was easy and fun once I got the hang of it, and within an hour I had something I’m quite proud of.

I can totally see why authors, especially self-publishing authors become good speakers. We have to be authors, editors, publishers and promoters. Crazy skill set that I might have once this is all said and done.

It’s been a weird day, but I’ll save that for another post. Today… I celebrate the book being released yesterday and point you to my website to see what you think.




Tell me your thoughts??? 

I’m off to finish creating paraphernalia… Anyone need a part-time job?



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