Oh the joy of paraphernalia…

In getting ready for the Texas Teen Festival, I contracted my graphic designer guy (from 99Design – questions? Ask… I love those guys) to work on a bookmark and a postcard to represent my debut novel, “Deceived”. I have the proofs below and am getting excited at the thought of going to the event. I figure these things could be handed out everywhere or anywhere really, just depends on having nerves of steel I suppose. 

“Hi, I don’t know you from Adam, but here’s a bookmark. Go read my book?” *Cheesy, creeptastic grin*

No? Well, I digress. 

What do you think and do you think T-shirts are a good idea for the festival? I can’t sell the books at the table, so I feel like I need something other than handouts, but maybe not.



Deceived Bookmark Draft        Postcard Draft


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