Texas Teen Book Festival – Here I come!

So after researching the various mediums by which I can make my book known, I stumbled accross the Texas Teen Book Festival. I live in Houston and it’s in Austin, about 3 hours down the road. Austin is our eclectic beloved capital and any reason to visit is a good reason to me. Can someone say, “donut food truck”? *drools*

The festival has already closed down its selections for featured authors, but the exhibition tables were still open for purchase. Seeing that I’m not afraid to speak to a boat-load of strangers and have a rather annoyingly extroverted personality, this event is perfect for me.

I plan to cheat a little and take with me my oldest daughter and a few of her extroverted, book-loving friends to help me promote the book. I have in my mind that I’ll take bookmarks, small info cards, candy, copies of the book for the display, and perhaps have some t-shirts made.

The only draw back – can’t sell the books unless you were pre-chosen. 😦

Have any of you guys been to an expo or festival as an exhibitor and if so, what did you have on your table?

I’m sure I’m missing something that could help me out, so give me your thoughts.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired and yet über excited.



3 thoughts on “Texas Teen Book Festival – Here I come!

  1. I just blogged about using Groupon coupons to get swag made on the cheap. The other day they were featuring a Vistaprint coupon that gave you $70 worth of merchandise for $25. I’ve used that in the past to buy standing banners, bags with my book cover on it, car magnets, and custom pens.
    I recommend having a list of some of your book’s better reviews from Amazon or Goodreads (if possible), a nice clean table cloth, some acrylic stands for signage (book prices, “Meet the Author!”), and a pen you’re comfortable signing with. Good luck and have fun! It’s all a learning experience. 🙂

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  2. Thank you!! You’re always so helpful. I actually did the pre-sale on Amazon tonight. It’s crazy how cool it is to hold the first copy in your hands. 🙂 Thanks for the info – I’m going to steal your ideas because you freely give them!


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