Virtual Book Tours, and Blogging, and Expo’s – Oh MY!

I’ve realized that I don’t need an external hard drive to hold all of my data, I need to figure out (quickly) how to utilize more of my brain… hello Lucy? (Odd, but interesting movie).

I’ve been researching the idea of virtual blog tours and I really like the idea behind them. Realizing quickly that I could hire 3 people to simply research blogs and create the tour, I’ve turned to a blogging site that seems respectable to help me put on a tour. I’ve simply sent them an inquiry, but we’ll see where it goes.

For any of my author friends – have you used this and what was your experience?


Blogging is quite a time consuming thing and I find that I rarely get a response from anyone that reads it. Is that the norm as well? I guess in my own adventures I rarely respond on a blog unless posed with a question that I feel I can answer in a manner that might benefit someone, but it is odd writing on a site everyday and not actually conversing with the people reading it. I am quite dedicated to keeping this one alive and trying to remain focused on writing.

I’m far too much of an extrovert for a one-sided convo!


And onto Expo’s… what can I say? They honestly seem like a fantastic place to be in order to meet the people in my local community and surrounding cities. Is it fair that I’m taking my teenager and a few of her friends to help me sell the copies of my first book? Having a large bowl of candy (chocolate) on the table doesn’t seem like a bad idea either.

Anyone attended an expo and if so, how did it go??


So my head is full of information and trying to process it while starting a bookkeeping business, dreaming about a food truck (next years venture), writing songs and working full time, amongst a few other insane things, is nothing less than exhausting and yet – I’m super excited about simply having one person read my book and find themselves lost in the space known as fiction for simply a moment in time.


Hope you guys are having a fantastic day. 🙂





2 thoughts on “Virtual Book Tours, and Blogging, and Expo’s – Oh MY!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m thinking I’ll be posting daily on this one and the google blogger. Dude… I totally didn’t know that was you a few weeks back on blogger. Too FUNNY.


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