My head just might explode…

Might I just state that I love to read. It is a passion that my addictive personality will gravitate toward and cost me a lot of money and even more time. I have been reading for years and years, as long as I can remember. I won several awards in school for reading more than anyone else in the school and where this was rocking awesome (I was NOT nerdy… okay, maybe a little), the one thing that I cannot stand is researching.

Yes, I want to know more about self-publishing and yes I will spend my time looking into it, BUT…

I abhor reading in the context of reading. I read to escape and play in places that could never exist and yet because my mind runs along the hills and valley’s of the creation – to me they already do exist. But to research something, even with the incredible speed and vast accumulation of information from the internet, I still find myself slugging through opinions here and there.

The best part of it all is that everyone constantly contradicts one another. This is the beauty of having an opinion though, right? Everyone asks your thoughts and then sighs exhaustively when your response is different than the majority.

So I truly believe that my head just might explode….

The path I intend to forge is going to be one that is unique and yet seems so familiar to those that have been on it before. I’ve researched all I can handle for the next few weeks and have decided it’s time to wrap up my last review on the book and start the next one.

That being said, I need a good recipe for dinner tonight and as such… I began once again the process of researching.

Save me from myself?



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